Living Life on the Veg Column: Order a Riverford Christmas day box for a stress-free family feast

Local Riverford franchisee Vanessa Cook explains the range of options she can deliver straight to your door for Christmas dinner – including vegan.

Christmas Dinner with family has always been really important to us.

We can take or leave pretty much everything else, but sharing a tasty dinner, preferably one that everyone has had a hand in preparing (from tiny great nephews who scrub potatoes and carrots wearing a tea towel apron, sitting on the draining board, to great big six foot plus nephews who indulge in the traditional Cook family Christmas sport of sausage snaffling) is what it’s all about.

This year will be the 14th Christmas that Russell and I have made Riverford deliveries in our veg patch and each year the Riverford offering gets better with a wider range of products on offer – it gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that what we do helps hundreds of families to have a wonderful Christmas.

We really can deliver absolutely everything you need for a tasty Christmas, from our super-sweet parsnips and field-fresh sprouts to delicious organic turkey and gammon.

Our range really does include everything you are going to need for that festive feast. I love that you can make it super simple and free up time for other more important things than shopping (who’d choose all that trolley rage and queuing anyway?) by ordering one of our set Christmas day boxes.

These include a veg box (with all the proper Christmas veg), the bird or a nut roast, all the trimmings including stuffing and pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, our legendary mince pies, Christmas pudding, clementines, cheese and even the oatcakes or cheese biscuits.

New to our range this year is a Vegan Christmas Dinner box, with a seasonal veg box, nut roast, vegan mince pies and pudding, vegan gravy and more.

We’ve an extensive range of all the extras – including Cocoa Loco advent calendars (mine’s already on my order), a gift hamper, a Boxing Day hamper, cheese boxes, a superb selection of individual cheeses, wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks as well as chocolates (perfect little gifts). And everything, and I mean absolutely everything, is certified organic.

Our Christmas shop is now open on the Riverford website – however – don’t wait too long to get an order in, Riverford works with small scale producers, which means that when it’s gone, it’s gone.

We are looking forward to raising a glass to all our wonderful customers after we make our last delivery on Christmas Eve (think we’ll try the Cornish Vodka!) then we’ll start all over again on January 2nd with a new organic year.

Celebrate:MK has been named as a finalist at the SME MK & Buckinghamshire Business Awards. Please vote for Celebrate:MK to win via this link, it only takes a second!

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