Tyre Talk Column: A gripping story about roundabouts

Ray Pantling, owner of Tyres Direct in Bletchley, explains why your front near side/passenger tyre wears faster than the rest.

Why does my front near side/ passenger tyre wear faster than any other tyre?

The simple answer is roundabouts. Milton Keynes has over 1,000 roundabouts and the number is growing.

MK’s grid system is a fast moving road framework with roundabouts creating the links to each part of it. But the price we all pay as residents of the town is our front near side/passenger tyre.

It works the hardest of the four tyres and travels the longest journey of the four at every roundabout.

Ideas to save tyre wear include periodically swapping the front wheels from left to right, reducing your speed and dropping a gear to ease the force you’re applying to your tyre when slowing down.

Make sure you regularly check your tyre pressures to reduce tyre wear – you will find the correct pressures located on the door jamb.

For every 1 psi drop of tyre pressure in all four tyres under the recommended number, fuel mileage can worsen by 3% too.

It is also important to make sure your vehicle is aligned correctly. So I’m afraid it is a proven fact that the tyres of the average driver living in MK will last less time than a driver living elsewhere in the UK.

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