SoCal Fashion Column: ITV star Val reveals the secret to fab fashion… charity shops!

WOS Wrestling commentator and MK girl SoCal Val talks about “beret weather” and where she finds some of her best designer deals

Can you believe it’s already November? If you’re like me you’re loving what I call “Beret weather” and getting excited for Christmas!

As a frugal fashionista I realise that this month is one to start saving funds for Christmas gifts. However, I still believe in taking care of one’s sartorial needs and that means my shopping sprees never stop. Yours shouldn’t either!

November is the perfect month to look at shopping a little bit differently. Forget the high street or designer purchases that break the bank.

Instead I advise you to shift your attention to charity shops. I frequently visit charity shops on a regular basis, but as “research” for this project. I shopped a LOT this month in stores I know you’ll love.

You see, if I call it research it justifies the spending… right?

Anyway! In order for you to understand how to refresh your wardrobe with charitable finds we’ll need to break down my outfit. The base is all black: fitted long sleeve tee, pleated skirt and simple opaque tights. All from Primark!

When you anchor an outfit in all black you can do so on a budget and simply build from there. Now let’s get to the accessories!

Starting with this gorgeous shearling vest I’ve layered on top as my “statement piece”. Found in a Winslow charity shop for £30.

Why is this impressive? Because when I checked the label (and nearly fainted) it said ‘Helmut Lang’ and, upon further googling, I found out that it retails for £805!

But why stop there? The shoes are just as fabulous and echo the Victorian vibe of my £12 Zara necklace.

I found these patent leather loafers in a charity shop in Liverpool for £30. Retail value? £725 from the Miu Miu AW17 collection!

Finding gems like these in charity shops isn’t rare. Trust me. If you shop often and keep an open mind you’ll score amazing deals PLUS help charitable causes at the same time! And helping others is ALWAYS in fashion.

Best of luck in your own treasure hunt.

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