Brand Mission Column: Plan your marketing strategy for 2019 before Christmas takes over

Heather Murphy, owner of Brand Mission, explains the key questions you should be asking to assess your company’s marketing campaigns

Before Christmas takes over your work and social diary, it’s the perfect time of year to take stock and reflect on your business so you can go into 2019 with a well-thoughtout communications and campaign strategy.

We use these key questions to analyse every campaign to ensure we make the next one an even bigger success…

  • Who did your marketing target?
  • Were they the right people?
  • Did you make enough noise at the right time to get your message to reach the target audience with clear marketing collateral?
  • What was your market position?
  • Was it right for your target demographic?
  • How wide did you market?
  • Did you sample enough data to make informed decisions?
  • Was the branding and tone of voice aligned with your brand identity?
  • Are you missing a trick?
  • How do you fare against your competitors?
  • Need some help refining your marketing strategy for the year ahead?

Get in touch for a FREE marketing audit from our expert team.

And why not end 2018 in style? Celebrate a year of hard work with your team, or even gather up your nearest and dearest to enjoy the ultimate Christmas party venue – Scandinavia Events!

The venue brings together local artisan street food, unique bars, live music in a Nordic tipi wonderland style – complete with open fires, cosy fur throws and festive fairy lights.

It’s available for hire now so please contact me for more information.

Looking for marketing or PR support? Contact Heather and her team at Brand Mission by emailing Follow the team on Instagram @brand_mission

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