Heal your mind, body and spirit through the art of Reiki

Local Reiki practitioner Paul is seeking to help you to better health.

Many people think that Reiki is some kind of hocus-pocus or evidence of the placebo effect. Yet many people have benefited from this Japanese art of healing.

The examples are many, from insomniac children, who then get a good night’s sleep, right through to cancer sufferers finding relief from their pain and everything in between.

Many case studies are outlined by Torsten Lange, an established master, who runs The Reiki Academy London and his written a book about his experiences, Reiki Made Easy.

The academy offers professional and authentic training for all levels. Any Reiki practitioner will tell you that it is the anecdotal evidence attained over time from many clients that demonstrates that this NHS-recognised complementary medicine has helped people with physical ailments, stress and mental health.

Local Reiki practitioner Paul Rowinski, who is a member of the Reiki Academy London and a lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire in Milton Keynes, is now offering a free half-hour taster treatment to people in MK – so people can find our for themselves.

Reiki seeks to unblock trapped energy, facilitating the restorative processes, allowing the body and mind to recover and heal.

Paul, who operates under the name Grey Warrior, said: “All practitioners self-treat and I know how it has helped me with stress; when I am not feeling centred; and physical knocks from the joys of regular martial arts training!

“It’s much more than that though. I have helped cancer sufferers close to the end, their grieving relatives, those with aches and pains and those suffering mental breakdowns. It can help on so many levels.”

Paul has treated people for Reiki in person – but also some of his most effective treatments have been conducted remotely, on the proviso a relationship of trust has been established.

“It’s all about the energy around us, tapping in to that and re-channelling it. That is all a practitioner does.

“Holding a teddy bear and placing my hands on it, works much like having the person in front of me, if I visualise them. The results are the same.”

For further information email paul.rowinski@gmail.com or visit http://www.greywarrior.blog

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