King of Crime film premiere to be held in Milton Keynes after city enjoys starring role

Milton Keynes is famed for its focus on business and innovation, as well as becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing cities, and it’s now adding another string to its bow – film production.

The contemporary crime thriller King Of Crime was filmed in the city and will now have its premiere at Xscape’s Cineworld cinema on Monday 29th. Stars of the film including Claire King, Mark Wingett and Jonno Davies will be among those in attendance.

Linda Dunscombe, the writer and producer is based in MK, while production offices were set up in the area. As well as this, filming locations across the city were used, and the film was made with involvement of dozens of local extras. Lead actor Mark Wingett was recently on [url=]BBC Radio London[/url] talking about holding business meetings in MK.

The move adds up to an exciting prospect, with the stylish and modern thriller being produced, filmed and having a full film premiere right in MK.

Linda Dunscombe said, “We were incredibly lucky to have the help and support of Arts Central and our production offices were in one of their spaces. Milton Keynes has such easy access to London that we were able to do all our auditions, rehearsals and planning meetings from our production studio base. We had plenty of local support, there is a lot of creative talent in the area willing to help.”

More information on the film can be found on the film’s [url=]official website[/url], [url=]Facebook[/url], [url=]Twitter[/url] and [url=]Instagram[/url], and it’ll have a limited theatrical release from 2nd November, before a full home entertainment and digital release early next year.

To the King Of Crime production, and to quote an already famous line from the film – “You’ve got my attention”

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