Makeup Matters Column: Primer your life with Dior Backstage

Makeup expert Becky Eaglen, who works for Dior Backstage in MK, explains how a primer helps your makeup last all day, without patches.

Hello there, how may I help you?

Do you want your makeup to last all day and not become patchy or oxidised to make you appear orange? If so, then keep reading…

One of the main misconceptions many women and men make in their routine is not paying enough attention to protecting their skin.

For this, a primer does exactly what it says on the tin. Through my experience many people know why to use a primer, but many more are unaware of the significant benefits a primer holds.

A primer helps to lock in your skincare and prevents your skin from eating your makeup and creating patches throughout the day. It also helps to fill in enlarged pores to create the perfect surface for makeup.

It creates a barrier to prevent the oils from the skin from coming into contact with the pigments within your foundation, which cause oxidisation.

A decent primer will help your makeup last all day and keep it looking as fresh as when it was first applied.

The secret ingredient to look out for is silica, the plant form of silicone, which is a plastic that can make the skin feel suffocated and may produce more oils to allow it to breath.

There are primers for all different skin types, and prices on the high street range from £6 to £35 so you will be able to find the one to suit you.

The Dior Diorskin Airflash CC Colour Correcting Primer 70ml is available for around £31.50.

This is the start to the longevity of your makeup and the expansion of your knowledge into the world of makeup.

Call Becky at Debenhams’ Dior counter at intu Milton Keynes on 01908 295507.

This column was published in the October 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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