Robbo’s Column: ‘I’d like to see five professional leagues’

Oxford United boss Karl Robinson wants to see 5 leagues of 18 teams in England.

The big worry for owners of the smaller clubs in the Football League is that we’re not far away from a Premier League 2.

There is so much money and power held by the big clubs in England that It wouldn’t surprise me if, in the not too distant future, they could only be relegated and promoted between two leagues.

It would be hugely sad if that happens – and I would like to see English football revamped another way. In my opinion there should be five professional leagues of 18 teams, which would mean knocking two teams out from the current 92 clubs.

There would be less games, which would increase the quality of football played and give more clubs a chance of being promoted or relegated. Football League gates would increase and managers would get more time to coach the players for games.

Every fan would have something to cheer, or not cheer, and I just think it would make it more interesting. It would be great if four teams were promoted and four were relegated from every league, with three automatic promotion places and then the play-off spots down to seventh place.

It would be so exciting because everybody would have something to play for all season. If we had that in the Football League I just think it would really advance the game above and beyond where we’re at today.

Proposals like this are discussed regularly at Football League meetings. The EFL has really evolved over the last couple of years and they are playing ball a bit more with the football clubs now.

The chairman is doing a really good job and he’s made the EFL more commercial and more attractive to the global audience.

The Championship is the fifth biggest league in Europe – bigger than Portugal’s top flight – League One is the ninth most well attended league in Europe by fans, and League 2 is in the top 20.

These are some phenomenal statistics, and we must look to keep pushing on.

This column was published in the October 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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