MKFM Column: Dough-not miss out on free Krispy Kremes

The MKFM Doughnut Run is back, where you can nominate your own office and treat your work-mates to free Krispy Kreme donuts…

The MKFM Doughnut Run is back – get your hands on FREE Krispy Kremes. You could be the hero of your workplace with 24 doughnuts delivered by MKFM and Skyline Taxis.

The summer holidays are over and what better way to add some magic into your workplace?

The MKFM Doughnut Run is the place to treat your work mates and you can nominate yours now! Not only will you get two boxes of Krispy Kremes but you also get to pick 3 songs you want to hear on the radio.

All we ask is that you are based in Milton Keynes and you have a good reason as to why we should come to you.

In the past we have delivered to businesses who want the doughnuts to celebrate someone going on maternity leave, to reward the team for winning new business and even one company who had gone bust.

The MKFM Doughnut Run is one of our most popular features, we even get people stop us in the street and ask us for them.

There is only one way you can nominate your business. You can send us your Doughnut Run nominations by calling 01908 965222 and leaving your name, company address and 3 song requests!

Michael Blades, who is on-air weekdays between 9am – midday said: “I love the Doughnut Run but I have never been give any! “If someone wants to nominate me then I don’t mind.

“Seriously, it would be good to hear from businesses who are doing something great in Milton Keynes.

“Maybe an expanding business or one who has been involved in a community project.”

The doughnuts will be delivered by Skyline Taxis at around 9.30am with your 3 songs on the radio at 10.45am each weekday morning. And if you don’t like doughnuts, there are more chances to win with Free Food Fridays each week on MKFM.

Listen to MKFM on 106.3FM. For full terms and conditions on the MKFM Doughnut Run, visit the-mkfm-doughnut-run

This column was published in the September 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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