“I’m ditching the razor with Dermaspa’s laser hair removal”

Dermaspa in MK has quietly made a name for itself as a luxury beauty destination and celebrity hangout thanks to its world-class treatments, peaceful surroundings in Brooklands and ease of access from London (it’s a 2-minute drive from J14 of the M1).

Local blogger Emily Orchard (@em_inreallifeblog) went along to review the new Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal treatment – and spotted a couple of Love Island stars in there too…

Since Dermaspa’s launch 10 years ago, the Brooklands-based clinic has become one of the leading beauty and aesthetic clinics outside of London.

Owned by award-winning celebrity ‘Eyebrow Queen’ Nilam Holmes and her husband Peter, the clinic has added a number of new treatments to its menu in 2018 including Hydrafacial, Coolsculpting and HIFU.

But it was the brand new Soprano ICE Platinum hair removal treatment that interested me most – it claims to be virtually painless so I couldn’t wait to try it.

I know what you’re thinking… ‘is it actually painless?’

I’m happy to confirm that yes, it is – thankfully, as I’m a bit of a wimp!

I first visited Dermaspa for a patch test, which as with any beauty treatment is important to ensure you don’t have a negative reaction.

I was greeted by the welcoming reception team and introduced to Brett, who was to do my treatment.

I also spied a couple of guys from Love Island in there, which was pretty exciting!

The staff at the clinic are used to celebrities visiting so it’s just the norm for them – apparently Jade from Little Mix had been in the day before.

Brett showed me to one of the beautifully decorated treatment rooms, explained how the machine works and got me to touch the ice cold applicator – it was very chilly, which was actually pretty nice in the heatwave!

It is this applicator that keeps the skin cool during the treatment, which allows for painless hair removal, setting this system apart from others.

I opted to have my underarms treated but the hair removal can be done anywhere you have unwanted hair and, once I had put on my very fetching protective glasses, we got started.

When Brett asked me how I was after he had begun, I was surprised as I couldn’t feel anything except him moving the applicator.

There was a tingling sensation and some beeping from the machine, then we were done.

I made my next appointment for the following week and kept an eye out for any negative reaction but there wasn’t any.

When I returned, Brett took great care of me again and both underarms were done within 10 minutes.

It really is as quick and painless as they say, making it so easy to fit appointments into my busy schedule.

They recommend 6-8 sessions on an area to get long lasting results, with 4-6 weeks between appointments.

I have already noticed a lack of hair re-growth and I can’t wait to ditch the razor for good after some more treatments!

To book a treatment call Dermaspa on 01908 242023, email info@dermaspa.co.uk or visit dermaspa.co.uk

This feature was published in the September 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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