Tyre Talk Column: Goodyear brings tyres to life

Ray Pantling, owner of Tyres Direct in Bletchley, explains the benefits of the new ‘living and breathing’ Oxygene concept tyre…

Goodyear has unveiled its new Oxygene, a concept tyre that incorporates living moss in the inner sidewall of the tyre to help improve air quality (view the video on Facebook @TyresDirectBletch).

The concept of tyres hasn’t changed radically for decades – they’re round, they roll and they hold up your car.

In recent years companies have managed to manufacture better quality compounds and produce tyres that grip, stop, and handle superbly, even tyres that can be run on flat with no air.

But Goodyear has a totally Ray different idea for the future of the tyre, as it unveiled its Oxygene concept tyre at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

It’s a tyre that cleans the air as it moves and embraces self-sufficiency. So why does Goodyear want living, breathing tyres?

The Oxygene tyre’s open structure would house living moss to absorb moisture as the tyre rolls, and breathe in CO2, thus photosynthesis occurs.

The open construction also improves wet grip. The Oxygene tyre could be a real ally to fight air quality issues in metropolitan areas.

The tyre has a super flexible polymer that’s designed to stretch like human skin. Its in-built sensors gather data as road conditions change, and if the surface becomes wet the tyre forms a dimpled surface for better traction.

This column was published in the September 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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