5 Seasonal Foods To Get Your Hands On This Autumn

Summer is coming to a close, which means the seasons are about to change, not only in weather and atmosphere but on menus and in grocery stores. Many who like to lead a healthy lifestyle do so in part by eating local, seasonal ingredients, and that means staying on top of what’s fresh at different times during the year. For MK, and really for most of England outside of the far North, that puts some of these foods on the list of things you might add to your diet in the coming months.

Pumpkins– There might not be a food more emblematic of the autumn season than pumpkins – though, to be fair, many people still don’t look at these hearty vegetables as foods. They’re often decorative, and in some cases are even used in harvest festivals and contests. But they actually make for excellent ingredients in a range of different recipesincluding pumpkin pies and desserts, chilled pumpkin soups, pumpkin bread, and more. Some people even use pumpkin slices in meal salads, or use pumpkin seeds to make pesto. It’s a versatile vegetable and one that’s almost exclusively available during the autumn.

Wild Mushrooms– Wild mushrooms require a little bit of research and knowledge, because you want to make sure you’re getting the best types and that you understand how they’re to be used. With that said, autumn is the season to look into these handy, earthy ingredients, which can transform a dish with incredible ease. Cap mushrooms can make a meal unto themselves, cauliflower mushroom makes for a terrific side dish or pasta addition, winter chanterelles can be eaten by themselves or mixed into a soup, and the list goes on.

Growth Brown Vegetation Hat Edible Mushrooms Cap
Growth Brown Vegetation Hat Edible Mushrooms Cap

Fish– Fish, and in particular oily fish, are some of the healthiest things you can eat when they’re truly fresh. An Irish gaming site of all sources went into some detail about why, going so far as to call fish one-stop shops for increased brainpower. It’s true though that some of the healthy, fatty acids in fish can boost the brain, which is another reason – in addition to various delicious preparations – to seek out fish in the autumn. Lots of Northeast Atlantic fish are in season in the autumn, including haddock, halibut, herrings, and on the more oily front, sardines and mackerel.

Apples– If there’s a runner-up to pumpkin for the most autumnal food, it might just be apples. Some of the most standard images of the autumn season involve orchards full of ripe, juicy apples, and really there are few natural foods that are quite as appetizing right off the tree. It certainly doesn’t hurt that apples have about as many nutritional benefits as any natural foods, with disease-preventing antioxidants, weight-managing dietary fiber, and more. They’re generally at their freshest and juiciest in the autumn, and can make for anything from a light breakfast or snack to the base of a delicious holiday pie.

Partridges– Finally, for an option that may feel particularly local, partridges are also abundant this time of year, which makes them excellent, affordable inclusions in meals. And if being readily available, tasty, and affordable weren’t enough, partridges also lend themselves to some very simple preparations, typically with cook times of half an hour or less! They’re just excellent bases for autumn meals.

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