SoCal Fashion: Get your summer stripes on

MK fashionista SoCal Val wants you to give the last summer month what it deserves… a burst of colour with vertical stripes…

The last days of summer are bittersweet for some. As September looms in the background it signifies that our time in the sunshine is limited!

Soon we’ll be unpacking our heavier knits and wool hats. I for one am 100% thrilled about this but I do have sympathy for those who aren’t ready to transition into the new season.

But you really have two options here: you can choose negativity and mourn the loss of your maxi dresses and espadrilles or you can choose positivity and say farewell to summer with one loud, joyous HURRAH!

Can you guess which option I chose? Of course I took the fun route and opted for an explosion of colour!

Rainbow stripes were seen all over the SS18 runways. Stripes in general were absolutely everywhere. Remember that vertical stripes, as seen here, are the most flattering. They elongate your shape and make you appear taller.

Horizontal stripes do the opposite and can often give the illusion of a shorter, somewhat stunted frame. This top and trousers combo was a brilliant find at New Look in my favourite shopping centre in Milton Keynes: intu MK!

I accessoried with a white blazer which is my absolute favourite warm weather coverup. After adding some red heels, blue handbag and pretty accessories I wore this exact outfit to celebrate last month’s #PrideLondon festivities.

However it’s still a versatile look! A rainbow palette really works for all occasions. Now please don’t forget that fun colour combos are 100% acceptable in colder temperatures as well, but let’s be real!

Bright outfits like these are the ultimate end cap to one beautiful English summer. Take the rest of this month to utilise EVERY colour of the rainbow that you find in your own closet.

Worn together or separately, bright colours convey a carefree, light hearted outlook on life… which should NOT be limited to one season alone. Embrace this mood and let it carry you through the rest of the year.

Cheers, fashionistas!

This column was published in the August 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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