NEW! Em In Real Life column: 5 hot Instagram spots in Milton Keynes


If I say Milton Keynes to you, what do you think of?

I bet concrete cows and roundabouts are in there and, as a resident Milton Keynesian, I’ve heard more people than I’d like describe it as ‘soulless’ and ‘a concrete jungle’, so I’m here to prove them wrong.

On my blog and Instagram I like to write about what we’ve been up to in MK and during my time in this great new city I have come across some beautiful and interesting places.


So for you local Instagrammers I’ve found some of my favourite IG spots for you to head to and help me share all that MK has to offer and prove our hometown is anything but soulless.

The Secret Garden- Wolverton

I had heard of the Secret Garden in Wolverton but had never been before so this project was the perfect time to check it out! The Secret Garden was originally home to 4 villas in the 1800s, after they were demolished in the 60s the land became derelict. Since then a passionate society of gardeners have transformed and maintained the garden and it makes the perfect ethereal instagram backdrop. It’s a proper little hidden gem in amongst the railway town’s Victorian terraces.


MK Library

Not only is our local library full of amazing reads, it’s hiding an Instagram-worthy pink wall behind it! I couldn’t resist its bubblegum-pink glory for my IG feed!


Love Alley Wolverton

I’m that girl who has heart decorations hanging on all the door handles and in the garden so when I stumbled across this graffiti online I had to find it for a picture! If you’re a big hippy like me and fancy adding this to your Instagram you can find it just off Radcliffe Street… you’re welcome!


Campbell Park

Bang in the centre of our ‘concrete jungle’ is over 91 acres of green space. Campbell Park boasts plenty of land for wildlife to graze on, event space, sculptures and even its own Cricket pitch. I found this view at the top of the hill next to the memorial and it makes the perfect #instamk shot


Summer in the Centre: MK

We might be as far as you can get from the beach but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a deckchair to chill out on and soak up some rays. I found this spot in Queen’s Court in the centre:mk where they’ve got street food stalls and a big screen up for the summer. Head on over there for some beach vibes and #summer Instagram pics – no-one will ever know you’re not at the seaside


That’s all for this round up but if I’ve inspired you to head to any of the places I’ve mentioned or you have your own favourite Instagram spot in MK then make sure you tag me in them @em_inreallifeblog and use the #instamk hashtag!

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