New 1Life Health and Fitness Studio at Brooklands Reviewed

Rebecca Douglas reviews the new 1Life Health and Fitness Studio at Brooklands, and tries out the new fitness trend Milon in the process.

I first heard about Milon last year and the first thing that hit me was the message – you only need to do two 35 minute work outs in ten days and that it was a fitness trend sweeping across mainland Europe.

Sounded too good to be true, so when Brooklands Community Sports Pavilion announced it was installing a Milon Circle at its new Health & Fitness Studio, I couldn’t wait to go along and give it a go.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the facility was the friendliness from both the Fitness team and also the other members. Doriel, the manager, was extremely supportive and talked me through what to expect. She explained that she uses the Circle to train herself (as well as other classes).

Then I met Chris, one of the Fitness Consultants, who walked me through the circuit. I had to stand a bit like a crab in front of the camera, which took readings to ensure each machine was set to just the right setting for my size.

Then it was over to the machines. Chris explained what to do on each piece of kit and although many of them look like the ones we see day in and day out in health clubs up and down the country, this time they felt different – better quality and far more smoother when carrying out each exercise.

There’s a screen on each piece of equipment and it tells you the speed and time it should take to carry out each repetition and it makes you hold the exercise for a couple of seconds – you can really feel it!!

Within the circuit you do three resistance exercises for one minute each, with a 30 second rest in between and then four minutes of cardio on the cross trainer. You then do a further three resistance exercises of one minute each and finish with four minutes on the exercise bike. This circuit is repeated twice.

It really is a full body work out with each piece of equipment working your upper body (front and back) your legs (front and back) and your core (front and back).

Chris the Studio Coach was great. He was both supportive and challenged me with each piece of equipment. It kind of felt like I was working with a personal trainer as each exercise was tailored (weight and resistance wise) to me.

He explained that he reviews the programme with users every third session or so and ensures the weights / resistance matches their goals – i.e. toning, weight loss, recovery etc.

The 35 minutes went quickly, and I felt as though I had a really good work out – I was so sweaty!! I can definitely see a place for this type of workout and I would certainly do it again.

For me, Milon is perfect for people new to the gym scene, who want that one to one support and guidance without paying for a PT. Though it would also benefit someone who wants to mix up their training and add something extra into their programme.

I would definitely recommend you give this a go! Thanks Brooklands!

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