Local opera singer adds another string to bow with Memory Thread Designs cross-stitching

Opera Singer and Singing Teacher Claire Turner has added another string to her creative bow with cross stitching business Memory Thread Designs, writes Simrann Paul.

The business was created nine months ago on the back of Claire’s passion for stitching and hand crafting.

She said, “I have always loved stitching and have always been a creative person and I wanted to find another creative outlet based around my children. I began by creating a cross stitch portrait of our family and put it on Facebook for friends and family to see and I had a huge positive response.

“Many friends were asking if I could create something like that for them and it began from there.”

Since starting the business, Claire has created many beautiful designs such as earrings and badges but her best seller is her cross stitch personalised family portraits.

She said, “The portraits are my core products however I can do variations of it for example I have done bridesmaids as thank you gifts or children and their pets.”

The mother of two has since started selling her products in On the High Street, a small shop that opened last Christmas in Stony Stratford.

Claire has found the challenge of working alongside motherhood difficult but rewarding.

She said, “It can be a juggle, but what’s really wonderful is that it is something that is so portable for me. I have my case of things and take it around with me, so if I have a project on the go and the boys have a sports session somewhere I can sit and stitch while they are out having fun.

“Also technology now allows people to do so much whilst out and about, from editing photos to creating an Instagram post, it is all possible to do while I am waiting for them to finish. It is really important for me to be around for my boys.”

In regards to the future of Memory Thread Designs, Claire says, “There are always new ideas going on! I’ve started doing some stitching on tulle netting, working with beads and looking at extending the jewellery line alongside the children’s accessories.”

As a recent business start-up, Claire has also looked to provide some advice for mothers and new businesses starting out.

She said, “It’s nice to be able to take something from your old life before children and keep it going alongside them. There is no right balance, everyone is different, women are encouraged to go out and do more yet this often comes with a backlash of society thinking you should be doing more for your children.

“It is a hard balance for us all to find and everyone’s family situation is different.”

You can find Claire on her Etsy website: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MemoryThreadDesigns?ref=search_shop_redirect
And her Instagram Page @memorythreaddesigns.

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