Riverford masterclass inspires Spencer to live life on the veg

Riverford’s local ‘Master Veg’ classes have been earning rave reviews so we sent along top MK chef Spencer Ollington, owner of Eat With Spencer, to review one for Celebrate:MK. He found it invigorating and veg-tastic…

Do you want to bring your five a day alive and make it more interesting?

Well get yourself booked on to a Riverford veg masterclass! I was asked to pop along to one of their Saturday classes to see what they were all about – and I found the morning refreshing, informative and fun.

Myself and fellow foodies were greeted by the wonderful and ‘veg-tastic’ Vanessa Cook, MK’s Riverford franchisee, who shared her passion for vegetables and the magic they bring to the table.

Riverford offers top quality produce from their farm to your fork with seasonal surprises, encouraging you to cook from scratch every week without the fuss.

Vanessa got us all stuck in with peeling and chopping vegetables as she guided us through a few tasty dishes.

Someone even had the pleasure of massaging some cabbage, although I’m not sure who enjoyed that more. I was jealous!

Our first delight was the forever versatile Romesco sauce with slow roasted leeks, which really packed a punch.

The recipe was modified with chickpeas rather than breadcrumbs to meet the needs of our gluten free friends. I think this sauce is a perfect staple for your fridge and will keep well for a good few days.

Things then hotted up in the kitchen as we learnt how to make a delicious roasted cauliflower curry.

We enjoyed discussing the best ways to use vegetables, how to chop them and the endless variations of the ingredients we worked with.

As a passionate foodie myself, I found this experience incredibly inspirational.

I left invigorated and ready to use that energy in my own menus. Last up we explored the health benefits of eating raw vegetables in their finest and most nutrient-dense form by making a raw pad Thai salad, using that wonderfully caressed cabbage.

I’m fascinated in this arena as we all lead busy lifestyles and look for extra ways to regenerate our bodies.

Our taste buds couldn’t handle waiting any longer. Vanessa had the table laid already as we all sat around and shared our delightful creations.

If you are keen foodie and want to take your veg knowledge to the next level, book yourself on to one of these classes – I will definitely pop by again.

In the meantime, check out their website at riverford.co.uk or try out one of their organic vegetable boxes – it’s like having an allotment without all the digging!

For more on me, see spencerollington.co.uk

Call Vanessa on 01908 238100 to book a place on a forthcoming Riverford ‘Master Veg’ class.

This feature was published in the June 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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