King Estate Agents Column: High street or online agents – what’s the difference?

Tom King, owner of the award-winning King Estate Agents at Furzton Lake, explains the difference in service offered by high street and online agents…

Recently people have been asking me the difference between online and high street estate agents.

The first question to consider when selling your home is, do I want to instruct an agent to market my property or to sell my property?

An estate agent working on a no sale no fee basis, will be working until completion before they get paid, whereas online agents are often paid upfront, so regardless of the outcome they have made their sale.

I don’t view things as clear cut as online vs high street as all estate agents will advertise on portals such as Rightmove, so everyone is online.

The location of the branch is largely irrelevant these days as not many clients visit agents in their office. The key factor is more about service.

A local agent, that only gets paid on completion will be more proactive in encouraging viewings, gathering better feedback if conducting the viewings themselves and they should give a better service with higher levels of communication in progressing the sale through to completion.

Online agents, although cheaper, often have all after sale care handled by a call centre, who will not have built any sort of relationship with either the buyer or seller.

At King Estate Agents we have seen on lots of occasions this year, where we have built excellent relationships with buyers and sold them properties that they had not initially enquired about.

These opportunities simply wouldn’t have emerged with an agent that simply puts your house on Rightmove.

Around 51% of people that pay an online agent upfront eventually sell, so they may feel they have saved some money against traditional estate agency fees.

However, that leaves a large proportion of people who have paid out money, only to then have to use a different estate agent to sell their home.

Buying and selling houses is an emotional process and a good agent will get to know both a buyer and seller’s needs and work hard to get them the desired outcome.

Although technology has had an excellent impact on how people search for houses, it cannot replace the human element of buying and selling houses.

This is where an excellent agent can really make the difference.

If you have any questions around the current market or what service may suit your needs then feel free to call me on 01908 272724.

If you are looking for any specific advice about selling your home or would like a free valuation of your property, call Tom and his team at King Estate Agents on 01908 272724 or email

This feature was published in the June 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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