SoCal Fashion Column: Signature silhouette on show

MK fashionista SoCal Val wants you to showcase your natural hourglass shape and wear accessories that make you sparkle.

The sun is out, fashionistas!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the warm weather that arrived fashionably late this season.

Though as I stressed in last month’s column, summer is no excuse to slouch when it comes to style. I believe in looking ladylike no matter the temperature!

For this month’s look I’ve put together an elegant ensemble that’s perfect for a city break.

My signature silhouette is on full display here and it’s my favourite for a reason!

A soft, lightweight blouse is cinched in with a swingy skirt that contains my absolute favourite feature on any skirt in creation: an elasticated waistband!

It is literally a built in cinch belt that enhances a woman’s natural hourglass shape.

Though it’s fun to play with trends in different eras, I thank the good Lord I wasn’t around for the shapeless drop waists of the 1920s or the boxy cut dresses of the 1960s!

I think we as females… make that femme fatales… should celebrate our curves and be proud of our bodies!

Which doesn’t mean showing too much skin. It’s more about putting the spotlight on your body type in a classy way.

A quick note about accessories before I let you get back to enjoying cocktails in the sun (which I hope you are!)… let’s talk about the amazing acrylic clutch I’m featuring here!

Super on trend and a total conversation starter, this is the type of bag that will polish off any look this season.

Add some mirrored sunnies and sparkly statement earrings from my designer girl crush of the moment Rosa Pietsch (www.rosapietsch. and you’re done!

Et voila! Instant daytime glamour.

Now, I usually focus on fashion in this column but I’ve got several beauty related questions on social media lately.

So I’ll leave you with one final tip for warmer temps: SPF should be your BFF this time of year. Because wrinkles are an outfit’s worst enemy… and they really don’t match with anything in your closet.

Stylishly yours, SoCal Val

Follow SoCal Val’s blog at or on social media at @SoCalValerie

This feature was published in the June 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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