Etsy MK Artisan Market returns to Intu shopping centre

Following on from the success of the last Etsy MK Artisan Market, Intu Milton Keynes has decided to bring back the popular events, writes Simrann Paul.

Intu Milton Keynes has partnered with online independent retailer Etsy to showcase the talent of local businesses at their second Artisan Market, which will be taking place on June 9th and another on September 29th.

The women behind Etsy MK are Adele Mackinnon, Stephanie Orr and Carly Byrne. As well as running the Etsy MK Team, each of the ladies has their own businesses.

Carly runs the independent clothing brand White Rabbit Apparel, while Stephanie owns printing business Flat 102, and Adele’s brand is Nutmeg Wall Art stickers.

Stephanie explained how the business began, saying, “There was a dormant Etsy MK team that had been set up by someone else, but nothing was really happening with it and the guy who was running it stepped down.

“Adele then messaged me asking if I wanted to start it up again as it was in relation to the Artisan Market and it took off from there.”

The market was held recently in April and the women said it was a great success with 27 independent stalls selling their items to the local public.

Carly Byrne is the youngest of all three ladies, and she created White Rabbit alongside her office job.

Speaking about her business, she said, “I had the business on the side of the office jobs I had over the years and slowly grew independent of it.

“At the moment it is just me on my own but I am looking for a seamstress to help out with larger orders.”

Carly also has a famous client list, including the drummer from the band Rudimental and pop singer Anne Marie, both whom she has designed for.

She said, “I created a jacket for Anne Marie and she has asked for another when she is touring with Ed Sheeran!”

All three women as stated before have their own businesses with either small teams behind them or going it alone. Adele says “I have my daughter and mum that occasionally come by to help but it is a very small team which is good at the moment because that’s what I need and it works.”

Mother of two Stephanie juggles her workload alone alongside her family, “ I’ve never worked as hard as I have now, it is exhausting but you’ve got to be passionate about it and keep going.

“It can be a struggle sometimes but the biggest thing for myself is to not take too much on, I have the big ideas now and want it to take off but I have to remind myself that I can’t do that just yet.”

When asked about the future for Etsy MK, the women said, “The dream is to have a little pop up shop. The Cambridge Etsy team have just opened theirs so I think we would like to do something similar to that.”

You can find the ladies on all of their social media as well as their websites:

  • Stephanie- @flat102
  • Carly- @whiterabbitapparelltd
  • Adele @nutmegwallstickers.

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