Creative Culture column: Hannah’s hilarious murder mystery show kills it in MK

Richard Bateman, owner of award-winning creative agency, westfourstreet, held a Q&A session with Little Chico Productions’ creative director Hannah Bloch after being blown away by the brilliance of their last MK show. They return to MK Theatre in June with another comedy murder mystery masterpiece…

Little Chico Productions are well known for murder, but before our readers panic perhaps you could explain yourselves and what it is your company does?

Little Chico Productions has been running for 6 years, providing outrageously silly interactive murder mystery evenings. At the beginning of the night you will witness a murder; we then invite you to become detectives by speculating about the clues left, interrogating the characters, and making accusations, before ultimately deciding who you think dunnit!

Our actors are all professional, with extensive West End and UK touring credits to their names, but more importantly than that, they are friendly, warm, silly individuals who are there to enjoy the evening as much as you.

Our mission is to bring exciting affordable theatre to those looking for an engaging and entertaining night of theatre and mystery!.

You came to MK Theatre in February (due to return in June) to sold out audiences. Each audience will no doubt be different. How do react and adapt to this during a murder mystery evening?

The first 30 minutes of the evening takes place over a welcome drink where actors mingle in character setting the scene.

This is a great opportunity to not only set up the story, but it also gives the actors time to gauge who wants to get really involved in the action and who is happier sitting back and watching the story unfold; the last thing we want is for someone to feel uncomfortable.

The evening is part scripted, part improvised so there is plenty of room for individuals to join in the fun if they wish. LCP aim to give each individual the experience they want on the night, and our actors are very good at deciphering who wants what!

Murder Mystery has long been established and loved. Was there a conscious decision to put your creative, hilarious stamp on the production? Explain the creative process.

Our scripts and characters are silly, and not overly complicated; we want the audience to enjoy the immersive experience rather than get bogged down with convoluted back stories and sub plots.

The success of the evening comes from an audience being throughly entertained from start to finish… Plus if they manage to solve the crime, that is always a bonus!

How supportive have MK Theatre been to your company?

MK theatre have been fantastic! They have given us a platform to reach so many more theatre-loving individuals and given us the opportunity to get our name and our product out in Milton Keynes.

We have performed almost all of our scripts at the venue, with access to all areas, sometimes even using the stage when it is dark. It has enabled us to be creative with the spaces within the theatre and the wonderful staff have been more than accommodating to our requests.

We hope to continue our strong partnership with them for many murders to come!

What’s next for Little Chico?

There will be another script coming out this year taking our repertoire of Murder Mystery scripts to 8. We hope to continue bringing professional and affordable entertainment to those that want to enjoy a hilarious evening with a murderous twist!

Don’t believe us? Well you will just have to come and check us out 😉

This column was published in the June 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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