Safari Kickboxing earn success in debut Muay Thai competition entry

Four fighters from Milton Keynes’ Safari Kickboxing club tasted success in a Muay Thai and kickboxing competition in Luton – the first contest they had ever competed in.

Rianna Newby, Ceri Ashton, Suki Eaton and Jo Packer all returned with victories, while Renae Newby, Fatima Sylvi and Racheal Tharbox all earned runner up spots.

The rewards marked debut success for the fighters, who train in the Kingston and Wolverton areas of the city.

Talking about the event, Rianna Newby said, “It was an amazing event because it was very specialist, it was women’s only, including both fighters and spectators.

“It was fantastic seeing different women from different types of backgrounds and cultures all coming together. The competition was quite intense but a great experience!”

The team were overseen by coach Khadijah Safari, who has received recognition with a nomination for next month’s MK Inspiration Awards in the Inspiring Fitness Female PT/Coach category.

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