First Annual MK Bonsai and Ikebana show to take place

Milton Keynes is to host its first ever Bonsai show at the end of June.

The First Annual Milton Keynes Bonsai and Ikebana show will be held at the Central Library on the 30th June this year.

Organised and run by the city’s very own Milton Keynes Bonsai society with collaboration from other local clubs, the show is a chance for everyone in MK to gain an insight into this fascinating art.

The word Bonsai literally means ‘tree in a pot’ and is the practice of cultivating tiny versions of the majestic types of trees that surround us in the Green City.

Growers try to emulate the wild, rugged and ancient trees in miniature form and the results are often quite breathtaking. Milton Keynes Bonsai Society was formed in 1996 and has run monthly meetings ever since.

The friendly group has members of all ages and it’s a welcoming place where Bonsai enthusiasts can get together to socialise and share knowledge whilst working on their trees. They have frequent demonstrations and talks by some of the big names in the industry and also organise social events and trips.

Recently the group held a stand at Heathrow 2017 the most prestigious bonsai show in the country and got lots of encouraging feedback from some of he more established clubs out there.

Inspired by this success and with a desire to encourage others in the area to participate, the club have taken the brave step of organising their own show right here in MK!

The First Annual Milton Keynes Bonsai and Ikebana show will be held on the 30th June at Central Library and entry will be free!

So, if you would like a glimpse into this fascinating area of horticulture, if you’re a complete beginner, a bonsai enthusiast or if you’re even just curious to find out more, please come along to see the trees, get advice and learn more about this wonderful art.

The club members of all different ages and experience will be on hand to chat and offer guidance. They look forward to seeing you at the Central Library on the 30th June.

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