Review – Vertigo VR

Virtual reality is said to become “the norm” for future generations that will never have grown up without the internet. Simrann Paul looks at one new MK company, Vertigo VR, and explores one development of the boom.

Born into the so called digital age, the company Vertigo VR based at 12th Street in central Milton Keynes is every new age gamer’s paradise.

The chic, spacious and stylish greeting that Vertigo VR offers is one you won’t want to miss out on! As you enter the VR Ride greets you to your right, it stands proudly upon a platform enticing you to try it out.

I was well informed by my tour guide/employee Jake who told me the experience was a good one for beginners as it didn’t stray too far away from the VR we all have grown accustomed to.

As you walk around the corner, the true size of the space is revealed, dimly lit with led lights adding pops of colour to the area it is sure to capture the eye of avid gamers.

To my left were six white VR Spheres, where I was told gamers had the choice of either a VR cinema experience or VR gaming.

Luckily I was given the experience of both which are equally different but exhilarating to say the least. I was strapped into the headset and immediately hit by cool air in my face courtesy of the fan embedded into the side of the pod.

This added to the incredible atmosphere that surrounded me, during the Aquapark film I had chosen.

This was suitable for children over six, and I was taken on a ride through a jungle like area taking in my surroundings of both birds and dinosaurs!

The game I had played next was a racing game whereby 2 players had to race each other to a finish collecting blue “boosts” all while dodging pop up bollards that proved rather irritating and tricky obstacles.

Similarly to the cinema experience, wind was coming out of the side and also the sphere was shaking just as if you were driving the machine yourself.

Adjacent to the spheres was a small room in the corner left towards the large bar that took up the whole back wall of the space. I was informed it was a 5D cinema, and when I entered the small room, there where four red and black seats stood on a platform waiting for their next victim as it were!

I was given 3D glasses this time, not the usual headset I had been given previously. The film I chose was Angels and Demons upon recommendation as it was one of the more popular films chosen that was not a horror film or for young children.

As the lights dimmed out the seat soon sprung to life and along the film I felt the seat rock, water spray my face and bubbles appear out of nowhere! It’s safe to say after the film I was quite shocked and wanted to do it all over again. I was engulfed in an incredible experience and one I went onto tell my friends about later in the day.

Vertigo VR also offers a gaming arena, Sega retro arcade and also a PC Gaming centre upstairs. I was also informed that parties could hire the upstairs of the venue out for private parties and also have their own private bar to keep the fuel up for the avid gamers.

Parties also get four PS4’s to game away to their heart’s content. The future for VR and Vertigo VR certainly looks bright and you’d be a fool not to check out this futuristic place in MK!

You can find prices of different VR products they offer on their website and also follow them on their social media @vertigovr.

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