Arnold and Bird launch new product and business development podcast

Arnold and Bird’s Joanne Griffin talks to Simrann Paul about all things product development, starting a business and her new podcast Elevate your Curiosity.

Self confessed “creative soul” Joanne Griffin is the founder and brainbox behind the business Arnold and Bird.

The quirky and rather unique name originates from Joanne’s grandparents who’s surname and maiden name were Arnold and Bird thus creating the forefront for her product development business.

When asked what inspired Joanne to create the business, she said, “Ever since I’ve left uni I have always wanted to have my own business.

“I began by working for three different companies, one being where I stayed for several years gaining knowledge of the industry.

“My design degree at university helped me to create products and also give me experience to advise different companies on things like trend forecasting and developmental ideas.”

Joanne is also an advocate for wellbeing and is always trying to incorporate it into her brand whether through slogans on her products or sharing a morale boosting quote on her many social media platforms.

One of Joanne’s most unique products is her bespoke colouring page for both children and adults. She designs an image based upon a photograph and works on producing the outline to create a colouring in page.

She explains, “Parents have their kids scribbles on their fridges pinned up and I wanted to create a family momento or a keepsake that included the children’s artwork too.

“A lot of feedback I got was that the colouring in sheet was too nice for kids to draw on therefore now I send out two so the kids can have one and the adults can either colour theirs or frame theirs without fear of it being scribbled on.

“Also I wanted to keep kids entertained, there is a lot of emphasis on the science and maths subjects nowadays that the arts sometimes get forgotten.”

Elevate your Curiosity is the podcast Joanne has created to advise businesses and also empowering them to trust their inner voice and take each move slowly.

On the back of her blog Joanne found it easier to listen to podcasts when working, she discovered there was a lack of advice given rather business commenting on their own work and not discussing how they made the journey to get there.

She said, “The feedback has been amazing, I have ten five star reviews already which is great considering we’re only on episode three! It has been very well received and I’m looking forward to expanding it.”

In regards to being a solo business woman in a male dominated world, Joanne luckily has not encountered any difficulty in doing business.

She explained, “A lot of the companies I worked for such as noton have been spearheaded by women and men usually tag along once the business is fully up and running!

“I’ve always been around strong women in the workforce and I am very inspired through the businesswomen that I know. It’s such a good time to start a business as we are in a great time for society. Just remember that you have got to work hard but work strategically.

“The advice I would give young business people is that you need to trust yourself and just trust in the process. Don’t let fear get in the way and start small, thats the key.”

You can listen to Joannes podcast on her website and find her on her many social media platforms @arnoldandbird.

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