Adam is unmasked as The MK Herald’s king of satire

Like it or loathe it, satirical online local newspaper The MK Herald has caused quite a stir in Milton Keynes in recent times with its spoof news stories about the city. We met the mystery man behind all the banter…

The MK Herald satirical online newspaper has shot to prominence in Milton Keynes over the last year, attracting a growing army of followers who enjoy its spoof news stories about the city.

Using the slogan ‘A fresh cup of news’, the Facebook page has both delighted and enraged the MK public in equal measure – with many people duped by its comical stories.

We met up with the Editor of The MK Herald, Adam Lacey, over a cuppa of course, to hear about the rise of his ‘fake news’ page.

Adam, who has previously remained anonymous, said: “I started The MK Herald as an idea around 10 years ago – I never intended to copy the title of a previous MK paper!

“The idea came to me when I first picked up the MK Citizen and the story of a rabbit that escaped from a front garden had made front page news.

“But The MK Herald only really reached its biggest audience last year when I posted a spoof off-the-cuff story about a passenger airliner landing in Campbell Park, which loads of people believed.

“The Facebook reach of my page at the time consisted of mostly family and friends, but the morning after that it had reached hundreds and now it has a following of over 2,500!

“I’ve had other stories since that have duped many locals, including the arrival of Thomas the Tank Engine at Wolverton Railway works. I am still apologising for this and for the fact that it rained that day.”

Adam revealed that he was inspired to push on with his comedy page after the death of his father in January 2017.

He added: “I feel this city needs a humour boost and if we can laugh at ourselves we are all the better for it. MK is a place that’s just a great target for satire – and that is coming from someone who likes living here.

“I’m proud of the fan base I’ve accrued, which I’m sure my father has played a part in, and I invite everyone to take a look at the freshest cup of news this side of the Ouse!”

Adam has joined Celebrate:MK as a satirical news columnist, so look out for his MK Herald page in next month’s magazine. You can ‘like’ or follow his Facebook page at

This feature was published in the May 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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