The Scene column: Punx have Concrete attitude

Vicki McCarthy interviews Chris Swindale, who is behind the new local music night Concrete Punx.

Since starting this column in December 2016, I’ve been lucky enough to chat to some of the most interesting and diverse promoters, bands, singers and venue owners around town.

Digging deep into the eclectic mix of talent on offer, encompassing a multitude of genres, I’ve seen events flourish organically as MK’s music-lovers flock in their droves to support the local scene.

And just when I think I can’t possibly uncover another awesome event or promotion, I’m proved wrong… I caught up with Chris Swindale (Swin to his mates) as he gears up for the fourth gig in a series run by a new music promotion called Concrete Punx.

A passionate group of six local guys, this collective joined forces to bring regular punk nights to MK. But how did it all start?

“My band Crash Induction had decided to put on a charity gig last year with some other punk bands to raise money for the British Lung Foundation,” Swin said.

“We held it across two nights, one in MK and one in London. We raised £666 and had such a good time in the process.”

What a brilliant effort and result, but how did this turn into the Concrete Punx collective?

“Ah, yeah that!” laughed Swin. “Crash Induction had played a gig at The Blacksmith’s Arms in Downs Barn and we were approached by the landlord to see if we fancied some more gigs, which of course we did!

“Buoyed by the success of the charity nights, we thought it would be far more interesting for punters if we ran punk nights at the pub as a promotion instead.

“We could then play now and again, but the promotion would be about bringing together some of the best punk talent on offer.”

It seems to have worked, as they are about to host the next free gig in the series and have four more booked for the rest of 2018!

Swin smiled, “Oh yeah, absolutely, it’s a packed year ahead. Punk is such a wide musical genre and we’re already seeing regulars of all ages turning up at each gig.

“At each event, the different line-ups bring new faces to the crowd.

“Every gig has such a great turn-out, so we know we are onto to something and the Blacksmith’s Arms is the place to do it!”

Joey Ramone once said, “All punk is attitude. That’s what makes it… the attitude.”

And with their attitude, I know the Concrete Punx collective will go far.

Catch the next Concrete Punx event on May 19, 8.30pm at The Blacksmith’s Arms in Downs Barn. Entry is free. See

This column was published in the May 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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