Riverford Recipes column: Organic food is flavour of the month in MK

Riverford’s sales up by more than 9% locally in the last year.

More people are living life on the veg in Milton Keynes than ever before, according to a local organic food supplier.

Vanessa Cook, who owns the MK franchise of Riverford alongside her husband, Russell, has seen a surge in orders over the last year for fresh organic veg boxes and recipe boxes to be delivered to people’s doors locally.

The figures in MK mirror the trend nationally, where the organic food market has grown by 6% over the the last year and by more than 9% at Riverford. Vanessa believes a number of factors are contributing to the rise.

She said: “It seems more and more people are recognising organic food for its health benefits, assurance of trust and traceability, and also as a more environmentally friendly way to buy food and support a sustainable farming system.

“All of Riverford’s packaging is recyclable, with minimal use of plastics and the food contains no artificial pesticides, herbicides or preservatives.”

But aside from the health and environmental benefits of buying organic food from a company like Riverford, Vanessa says it is the taste that keeps people coming back for more.

“Our organic veg tastes amazing because we allow the crops to reach maturity naturally, which might take a little longer, but results in outstanding flavour,” she explained.

“I hear all the time ‘these spuds taste like the ones my dad used to grow’, or ‘I didn’t realise carrots actually have a flavour’ or ‘my kids love all their veg now’.

“I personally used to think I didn’t like swede but I love the taste of ours!”

You can call Vanessa on 01908 238100 to talk vegetables or order an organic recipe or veg box.

This feature was published in the April 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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