MK North MP Lancaster: “We need to plan for MK’s future”

Milton Keynes North MP Mark Lancaster vows to push for infrastructure to support MK’s growth in a guest column about the city’s bright future.

To those who live outside Milton Keynes, there is a perception that our only claim to fame is concrete cows and roundabouts.

For those who live, work and play here, we know our city has so much more to offer.

Having just celebrated our 50th birthday, we were able to demonstrate to the world the ground-breaking forward planning of the city’s forefathers.

Developed in 1967 as an answer to alleviate the housing situation in London, Milton Keynes became a truly ground-breaking initiative which has since been able to attract over 260,000 residents and encourage a wealth of recognised major international businesses and many successful SMEs as well.

At the start of this year CityFibre, in conjunction with Vodaphone, announced the rolling out of a full fibre broadband network.

We will be the very first city in the UK to receive the service, another endorsement that we are truly leading the way.

Focus is intensifying on the transportation link between the Oxford, MK and Cambridge corridor, which will create significant economic and social opportunities for the region. MK will be the heart of the UK’s Silicon Valley.

The smart city project continues in Milton Keynes with the development of the “futuristic” driverless cars, soon to be a common sight on our redways within the next couple of months.

With all of that excitement, it is also important that we are prepared and ready for growth.

I have always advocated ‘I before E’, ‘Infrastructure before Expansion’ and that is more important today than at any time before.

We have reached our planned size, we now need to plan for the future. Our roads, public transport, and our public services all need to be in a position to handle any future growth and that is what I will always push for.

We are viewed the world over as a place that has a “can do” attitude, continually open to embracing new technology and ideas, but we need to do it right to ensure it continues to be a great place for future generations.

Whilst there is still much work to do, in particular focusing on our housing issues and the provision of local healthcare, my hope is that as we generate and increase employment opportunities, more will benefit from our thriving economy.

MP Mark Lancaster is based at the MK Business Centre in Linford Wood. Contact can be achieved by calling 01908 686830, visiting or dropping an email to

This feature was published in the April 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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