Lions Club of Bletchley raise money for charity after MK Snap Race Night

The Lions Club of Bletchley have raised £1600 for charity after they held a Race Night at MK Snap.

The night was in aid of local charities in the MK Area, and was sponsored by local with and donations made by people in and around Milton Keynes. 100% of this money will be donated to Charity.

On the night, a Thank You Certificate was given to Lions Club of Bletchley from the Food Cupboard’s John Burgess for the donation of £929 and 14 trollies of Food collected at Morrison’s and Tesco’s.

At the Race Night itself, over 110 Fish and Chips served as seven races were run with great excitement and tension. The participants rolled two dice and the first dice picked which of the six wooden horses moved and the second how many squares the horse moved. The race was held on a 60-year-old canvas mat, which the club believes from a naval ship.

A lot of fun had by all as the organisation raised money for good causes and ensured all who attended had a good night out.

Lions Club of Bletchley’s Lion President Vic said “the fundraising exceeded our expectations”.

The next Lions event is Rock Chorus at The Venue MK.

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