Brand Mission Column: “Whitespace Yoga Studio and Peel Juice Bar will spring you into action”

Heather Murphy, owner of Brand Mission, explains how her team are combining yoga and juicing to boost productivity this spring.

Each month, we make a commitment to venture out the office to take up a new experience (for research purposes, honest).

There are many benefits of introducing yoga and mindfulness into the workplace, and a juice detox stimulates your lymphatic system which is good for immunity.

So we gave yoga and juicing a try ahead of spring. After our yoga class at Whitespace Studio, we left feeling revitalised and with clear heads.

Yoga teaches you to stay focused on the task in hand, which is a particularly useful skill for our jobs working in a fast-paced industry.

We’ve found this helps with our overall work performance. Yoga also encourages you to think about nutrition.

So, what better way to feel healthy than with tasty juices from Peel Juice Bar! We tried fresh pressed juices, packed full of vital nutrients, which made us feel energised and healthy to take on the day.

For an agency working with a range of clients, eating well and allowing time to recharge is essential to re-set and spark new creative ideas. We recommend you give yoga and juicing a try.

Looking for marketing or PR support? Contact Heather and her team at Brand Mission by emailing

This column was published in the March 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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