The Scene column: Wouldn’t it be good to see Kershaw?

Music reporter Vicki McCarthy interviews 1980s legend Nik Kershaw ahead of his March gig at MK Theatre, alongside Go West and Cutting Crew.

I often marvel at how music perfectly punctuates moments in life, how hearing a favourite tune transports me back to childhood and how I still know songs off-by-heart, despite having not heard them in years.

It’s safe to say that music is a constant in most people’s lives. I think it’s for this reason that the UK has recently seen a rise in the popularity of ‘nostalgia’ gigs and festivals.

While the stages are graced by the stars we grew up listening to, while wearing the T-Shirt and gazing at the posters! Some artists reform solely for such gigs, whereas others have carried on making music, but see the appeal of the format too.

Recently I caught up with Nik Kershaw to discuss this subject, as he prepares to play MK Theatre this month, in the Icons of the 80s tour, with Go West and Cutting Crew.

So how did this tour come about?

“It came up in conversation about six years ago,” explained Nik, “I wasn’t sure at first.

“I’ve been making music all these years and still enjoy writing, recording and touring, at the pace I set. “I was wary as the industry’s changed so much, music’s consumed differently nowadays… it’s more immediate. I wasn’t sure of the appetite for these gigs.”

But Nik came around to the idea. He elaborated: “I agreed and did a tour with Paul Young and T’Pau’s Carol Decker, I was surprised by the brilliant reaction from fans. Having known Go West and Cutting Crew a long time, when this tour was suggested I was happy to do it again.”

So, what can punters expect from the upcoming gig?

“We play all the hits,” Nik replied. “We also don’t just come on, do a set each and leave, we spread the set-list out between us so that we can interact, keeping the show interesting.”

It seems this approach certainly does the trick, with a total of 17 UK theatre dates across last month and to the end of March.

So what’s next for Nik?

“Ahh, just a few festivals in the summer,” he smiled. “I’m looking to release a new album later this year too.”

Proving that while we all enjoy offerings from the past, it’s safe to say that there’s plenty to look forward to in the future too.

See Nik Kershaw, Go West and Cutting Crew at MK Theatre, Monday 26 March, 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £33.50 from

This column was published in the March 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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