SoCal Fashion column: Soften things up with cool tones

MK fashionista SoCalVal wants you to add pops of colour and metallic accessories to get you through the last frosty month.

Does this cold weather have you feeling down?

Don’t fret, my pet! I’m here to lift you up!

But it’s not just your mood I’ll be elevating. It’s your style!

All those hefty winter clothes taking up space in your closet are still needed in these frosty months. We can’t do much to change that. What we CAN change is the colour palette.

Even the heaviest of fabrics can feel lighter if you soften things up with cool tones like silver and aqua blue.

Today’s look illustrates how a winter outfit can take on a completely different mood when you have fun with pops of colour and metallic accessories. That little bit of shine is an instant pick me up. But don’t stop there!

The same rule could apply to hot pink, canary yellow and even a splash of lime! Try adding a brightly coloured scarf to a basic black coat. Or jazz up your work outfit with a flat or court shoe in a shocking shade.

If I can gently suggest one… orange always makes me smile.

Looking ahead to spring/summer trends, you’ll be delighted to know we have SO much to look forward to.

Trends to look for: Western, Chinoiserie, Sorbet Hues, Updated Athleisure and more!

It will be such fun to show you how to wear each one next season. But don’t wait for the sun to come out!

Right now let’s make a pact to keep our wardrobes upbeat and our positive attitudes on lockdown.

Fashionably yours,

$oCalVal x

Follow SoCal Val’s blog at or on social media at @SoCalValerie

This column was published in the March 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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