SoCal Fashion column: Clueless about being chic?

MK fashionista SoCalVal talks about how a 1990s cult film influenced her to bring out a sophisticated chic side to her fashion.

Isn’t it funny how we learned SO much from a movie called ‘Clueless’?

Sartorially speaking, at least. Well this 90s cult classic is still influencing fashion today.

In the outfit I’ve put together here I used a few key pieces that put a more sophisticated spin on “schoolgirl chic”.

A beret for example is the perfect place to start when channeling your inner Cher Horowitz.

Follow it up with a classic white button down blouse under a black pinafore dress. Then finish with the ultimate sexy accessory: knee socks. I’ve adored knee socks my whole life!

But a word to the wise here. Knee socks can quite easily look way too “costumey”. Make sure that they’re tall enough so you’re only flashing a small sliver of skin.

This small attention to detail will set the tone of the outfit. The vibe is “prep school” cool.

Though it’s a lot of fun to draw inspiration from a film I loved as a teen, it’s important to modernise it.

What worked back then easily translates into 2018 when you add heavy metal accessories to toughen up the look. I suggest a strong handbag, chunky metallic jewellery and a rocking pair of shades.

Now that I’ve broken down my own version of 90s nostalgia let me suggest a few more key pieces for you to sprinkle into your wardrobe.

1. The plaid skirt is always a winner…if you keep the hemline lower than a mini.

2. The delicate slip dress is also a nice option. Layer over a rollneck now in colder temps.

3. The sheer blouse. Seen all over the runways this season! A sultry nod to lingerie without being too overt.

Usually at the end of these columns I give you a piece of advice. But consider this more of an assignment!

Have a cosy night in watching ‘Clueless’ or a favourite fashionable film of your choice.

When you dress to reflect the silver screen heroines that shaped your childhood you’ll experience new levels of confidence.

Fashionably yours.

Follow SoCal Val’s blog at or on social media at @SoCalValerie

This column was published in the February 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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