Ginger Mum column: New Year, New Workout Regime

Local lifestyle blogger Ginger Mum talks about how she’s got her fitness mojo back as she looks to shape up at David Lloyd Club.

Hey everyone, how was your Christmas?

I hope you all had a great break!

This January you will mainly find me at David Lloyd Club in Milton Keynes.

I am that cliché who heads for the gym the second the kids go back to school.

I used to get cross with the droves who clogged up the car park with their new Christmas gifted gym gear and overpriced yoga mats but this year, I’m one of them.

I’m shame-faced to admit it, but last year as work commitments ramped up and family demands took over, I lost my mojo with fitness and the cellulite piled on.

Pre-Christmas, there was just too much to do, so much rushing around and an overload of stress to fit in the gym so, come 4th Jan, I’m going to be all about morning spin classes, the outdoor pool (it’s like a giant hot tub in the colder weather) and maybe a bit of yoga to keep my post Christmas break, zen-like state.

We’ve been members there for ten years now and have had periods of love/hate with exercise but we always come back to it as there is nothing in MK or surrounding areas that we have found that rivals their family friendly facilities.

It’s somewhere we spend Sundays together, swimming with the kids then having a bite to eat, whilst weekdays are reserved for my thighs on the never-ending quest to reverse the orange peel effect!

The children have endless options with DL Kids activities and the chance to learn to swim or explore their sporting talents.

So yeah, I will be that gym bunny but I will still be there come March, April and beyond – it’s my NY Resolution!

My other resolve is to make more time for friends and family, not to let the demands of life take away precious time which should be better spent with loved ones.

We are pretty spoilt in MK with coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and simple parks and recreation areas to facilitate just that.

I will be making the most of them in 2018. Who’s with me?

I have such an exciting announcement in the next edition of Celebrate:MK to share with you all, see you next month!

This column was published in the January 2018 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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