Food Whisperer Column: MK Buffet Village is well worth a visit

While Top Gear has The Stig, Celebrate:MK now has The Food Whisperer. He starts his hunt for great local food this month, but who is he? Shhh…

I indulged myself at MK Buffet Village recently at the old Theatre District, which has been renamed 12th Street.

And yes, the restaurant has a new name too since its days as The Red Hot World Buffet, just to confuse you a bit more!

The restaurant hosts seven cuisines from around the world – Thai, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, British and Chinese – and a world grill where skilled chefs flame up fresh burgers, juicy lamb chops, corn on the cob, spicy fish and chicken on a madeto-order basis.

There’s also a fresh pasta station and ice cream parlour!

I created my own delicious three-course meal that included a main course of Chinese noodles, sticky spare ribs and a cheeky curry from the Indian section, plus a couple of nice cocktails – it was all very enjoyable indeed.

MK Buffet Village is well worth a visit.

Whisperer tip: Visit MK Buffet Village at 12pm or 5pm when the food is at its best.


This column was published in the December issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link

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