Padding Needed for Pillow Fights at Craufurd

Music reporter Vicki McCarthy interviews local Pop Punk band Padding Needed ahead of their mini-festival in Milton Keynes.

So Christmas is almost upon us. Many folk have already put their tree up and got the festive CDs out of mothballs, as we get in the mood for a bit of Johnny Mathis, Slade and Wham!

But local band Padding Needed have something different planned this month, as they gear up for their annual mini-festival at The Craufurd Arms.

Formed just over two years ago and influenced by Bowling for Soup, Blink 182 and Green Day, Padding Needed was the brainchild of Rory (lead vocals) who was looking to appeal to Pop Punk lovers everywhere.

After a couple of line-up changes, the band as we know them today was born, with Paul and Drew completing the tuneful trinity.

After hitting the live music scene with their first gig at MK11 live music venue, the band racked up an impressive 50 shows in their first year and went on to release a demo, an EP and two videos.

Their impressive rise also saw them launch the aforementioned mini-festival, called Pillow Fest, which brought together 12 live acts from the region for a day of music and… pillow fights!

That’s right, Padding Needed require audience participation at their events, and dancing just won’t cut the mustard!

“Yeah, we have pillow fights at every one of our gigs!” laughed drummer Drew.

But do the punters bring their own pillows?

“They do sometimes,” Drew replied. “But we do always go to Argos and stock up before gigs.

“It costs us a fortune, but pillow fights have become synonymous with the band and it’s all a bit of fun, isn’t it?”

So what’s in store for Pillow Fest 2017?

“Well, it’s a more intimate affair this year,” Drew replied. “There are six great acts booked and we’re looking forward to playing alongside them.

“We’re also working really hard on four new singles, so we plan to preview some new material at the gig too.”

Well it sounds like a blast! Great music, a good crowd and the inevitable pillow fights, Padding Needed are certainly sending the message that Pop Punk bands are for life, not just for Christmas!

Pillow Fest is taking place on Saturday December 9 from 5pm to 11pm at The Craufurd Arms, tickets are £8 in advance. Find out more at

This column was published in the December issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link

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