SoCal Fashion column: Turn to fashion’s dark side

MK fashionista SoCalVal wants you to be thinking dramatic, not goth, when going for dark tones during the holiday season.

For someone as bubbly and upbeat as I am, you may be surprised to know that I often turn to the ‘dark side’. Well, sartorially speaking anyway.

I much prefer a dramatic look to something flippant and breezy, as evidenced here in today’s look.

I’m wearing a baroque inspired patterned dress by River Island that reminds me of tapestries you’d see in an opulent castle. Perhaps it’s my love for all things Tudor related, but brocade & rich fabrics will always have a place in my wardrobe.

However, with a pattern as bold as this (even in muted tones), I think it’s important to keep accessories minimal not to outshine the dress on display.

As with most Autumn/ Winter runway shows, this season’s designers embraced romantic details like bows & sashes.

Here I’ve added a clip on, pre-tied bow accessory, also from River Island.

Adding black opaque tights was necessary for warmth and crucial for style. I am of the opinion that they add polish to any outfit!

Plus I’m still new enough to the cold climate of the UK to not be bored with wearing tights on a daily basis.

And yes, this California girl put a coat on after this photoshoot. Catching pneumonia is NOT a good look!

Adding a dark MAC lip colour (in shade ‘High Drama’) to this sultry ensemble finished off the look with a final word in decadence.

Now… come with me to the dark side! It’s a fabulous place indeed.

Plus! It’s an unexpected way to stand out when everyone else is overloading on jolly Christmas colours & saccharine snowman motifs. J

ust a final word of warning: When vamping up your wardrobe & beauty routine… think dramatic! Not goth.

You’re still allowed to be in the holiday spirit underneath all that fabulosity!

What I’m trying to say politely is… the weather outside may be frightful but YOU shouldn’t be.

Happy holidays to all and thank you for supporting my column this year!

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This column was published in the December issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link

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