Ginger Mum column: Good deeds and fashion secrets

Welcome to November everyone! There is so much going on this month and everyone is starting the big pre-Christmas spend BUT let’s put that aside for a moment and talk about something far more important.

MK has a huge homeless problem – fact – and winter is an extremely harsh time for those on the streets.

The kindness of our community means that from Nov-Feb, volunteers from all over the area facilitate supervised overnight accommodation in the shape of a Winter Night Shelter.

It looks after those most in need for a few precious months to see them through the worst of the weather. needs you!

Put your kind heart to great use and volunteer now for the upcoming cold snap and make a difference or offer your services, haircuts, chiropody, entertainment, these will all help make life more bearable.


Now, on to an exciting opening for us ladies (and men!) who will be hoping to get something from here in our Christmas stockings this year!

Yes, FINALLY, Victoria’s Secret is opening at Intu this month and with all the secret prep that’s been going on for the last couple of months, I guarantee this will be HUGE!

An exciting date for the diary is 2nd December as intu MK welcomes its first ever Etsy Local market.

Organised by Adele from for one day only, you can meet the faces behind the creatives as online goes front line.

Finally, I’ve had a lot of questions on how to rock the latest style of dress that is in every store at the moment.

I like to call it the granny dress.


This seventies inspired boho shape can be hard to wear for a pear with its seemingly shapeless silhouette.

The key is to choose wisely, there is a style out there for most bodies but here’s my pick of the month from Studio Preene, at Debenhams in MK.

Despite having a tricky drop waist it’s very wearable as the drop is lower than the unforgiving hip area – avoid if your thighs are your problem area but this one works really well to flatter the waist.

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This column was published in the November issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link

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