SoCal Fashion column: This weather is blouse-y

Former TNA wrestling diva and MK fashionista SoCal Val discusses how you can get the most out of a summer clothing favourite during the coldest months of winter!


If you shop as much as I do, getting mileage out of a new item of clothing is crucial when it comes to making additions to your wardrobe.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, last season invested in what I consider to be the trendiest yet most practical purchase known as the ‘summer blouse’.

You know the one! Lightweight, probably striped and definitely a hint of a ruffle or two.

This blouse was featured in every advertisement and on prominent display in every store window.

A blouse this fun shouldn’t be confined to one season and one season only.

As I’ve illustrated here, it’s possible to turn it into a wardrobe staple that will take you into the cold months of winter. But how you ask?

With a little imagination and a dash of confidence, of course.


Giving new life to your spring/summer clothes is simple: just anchor the pieces with darker colours and heavier fabrics.

I paired this airy linen top with a ruched pleather miniskirt. Yes pleather. That’s ‘fashion speak’ for faux leather.

It’s important to be stylish AND a friend to the animals! As seen in the photos, adding a classic beige cape from American clothing giant J. Crew ensured that the ‘cold shoulder’ style would be a fashion statement and not the reason I caught a cold this season.

It’s warm, weather resistant and very versatile. I think accessories are also an easy way to create a new look for autumn/winter dressing.

Vintage style clear lensed glasses lend a sophisticated twist to the look while a feminine suede, closed toed heel is a great option.

While for this shoot I opted for bare legs (gotta get those Instagram likes somehow), I would suggest a pair of black opaque tights as a final touch.

When it comes to makeup, choose an autumnal shade of lipstick to finish the look. I would suggest “Birkin Brown” as seen here (by Charlotte Tilbury) or a decadent, rich berry shade.

Now that we’re in November, light shimmering glosses don’t seem appropriate.

Have fun exploring new shades of the season that are far more empowering than summer’s weak palette.

The frugal fashionista in me is so proud of you for seeing endless possibilities in your closet AND makeup drawer.

But remember that you are beautiful no matter the season.


This column was published in the November issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link

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