Parents can turn to MK Library for help with those awkward talks

Mummy Matters column: When we initially think about the prospect of engaging in parenthood, we often foresee experiences such as teaching our children to walk, introducing them to games we once played as children ourselves or simply tucking them into bed with a bedtime story and a kiss on the head, writes Kathryn Townsend.


What we unfortunately don’t often think about are the times that we will be responsible for delivering explanations to situations that are beyond comprehension to those tiny little people that expect us to have the answers to everything.

This is something that I have personally had to encounter in the last few weeks and it’s another one of those times that confirms the notion that parenting from beginning to end is just one long learning curve in which we as parents can’t always be expected to know the right way in which to manage those tricky situations.

Fortunately, we have some great resources in Milton Keynes allowing parents to gain support where necessary at these times – one of these being our Library service which offers a vast range of books for parents to help those awkward conversations flow more smoothly.


Whether your child is struggling with the concept of divorce, depression, or death for example there are books to suitably address the topic aimed at the desired age range full of interesting and creative ways of explaining something that otherwise could be ignored.

Books in general are a wonderful way to educate, and the library is a perfect place to find the answers you are looking for as a parent or as a child.

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