House to Home column: Eco-friendly rug decisions

Interiors-obsessed blogger Becky Pink has been forced into searching for a new rug after disaster struck at home. She’s found three nice options, but which one to choose?

A few months ago I wrote a column about our lounge, which is more or less finished.

Since then, tragedy has struck! Our poor cream rug has suffered not one, but two disasters, and needs to be replaced.

The culprits? My two daughters, of course.

They’ve trampled luminous pink play dough into one section, and fresh raspberries into another part.

I am trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, so I’m researching my options.

When we were on holiday in Cornwall recently, we went to the Eden Project, and I spotted these Weaver Green rugs in the shop (pictured above).

They are made from recycled plastic bottles, yet feel exactly like wool! Being plastic, you can wash them, which appeals, given the fate of the last one.

The 240cm x 170cm Weaver Green rugs that would be the right size start at £240, but go up to £415 for the bolder patterned versions, which we’d probably prefer.

As that is above our budget I am looking for alternatives, including Dunelm, who have indoor/outdoor rugs made from recycled straws for £99 for 240cm x 150cm (pictured below).

Dunelm, Black Arabian Nights Outdoor Rug

They are very practical and look great, but I think they would be rather hard to sit on.

If money were no object, I would probably opt for a Pappelina rug (below), which is again made of plastic, though I am not sure if it is recycled or not.


They are also indoor/outdoor rugs and feel a little plastic-y, but are so hard wearing you’d never need to replace it.

The large rugs in the same pattern as this one are 230cm x 180cm and in the region of £480, but they come in a gorgeous variety of designs, sizes and shades.

Suddenly the Weaver Green option is looking more appealing! Which do you prefer?

Becky Pink is a freelance copywriter and journalist who blogs about her family, life and home at You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @pinkscharming

This column was first published in the October issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine below…

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