September editorial: Fasil offers advice that I learned the hard way

September’s Celebrate:MK is out now, which is an issue I have really enjoyed working on.

There’s a nice mix of articles on forthcoming MK events to attend, local success stories, interesting features and expert columns.

But it is our regular Legal Eagle column from Neves Solicitors (page 41) that I found particularly interesting this month as it offers some advice that I learned the hard way.

Commercial Solicitor Fasil Hussain writes about the importance of documenting commercial agreements in writing.

This is something I failed to do on several occasions within the first few months of launching this independent magazine.

There seemed no need as 99.9% of the advertisers I have dealt with have been brilliant, and a friendly discussion over a coffee has been enough to agree numerous deals.

But there will always be that one business owner – who was not from MK, I should add – who wriggles out of paying in any way they can.

So Fasil’s column is well worth a read, and we’ve got seven pages of house and home too!

Click here to read the September digital edition of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine.


Jon Boyle, Editor

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