SoCal Fashion column: ‘It is too early for anything heavy so a raincoat will do’

Former US wrestling diva and MK fashionista SoCal Val offers advice on choosing an ‘exciting’ autumn coat, and explains why it is such an important decision.

Photos by Jon Chin, NY

To the dismay of many, autumn will soon arrive in all its splendour.

The familiar chill in the air and random rainstorms are something I look forward to every year.

Hailing from America’s sunniest places (California, Florida and Texas) I find great joy in purging my closet of everything floaty and light and stocking up on pieces that are far more rich and luxurious to wear.

So let’s talk about the most important sartorial choice you’ll make this season: a fabulous coat.

It’s too early for anything heavy so a standard raincoat will do for now.

But excuse me… there is nothing glamorous about the word ‘standard’. We can do better than that!

When buying a coat you must remember that it’s what you’ll be seen in most.

We can spend hours on styling an outfit underneath the coat that, due to weather, may rarely see the light of day.

This is why choosing an exciting coat is paramount!

For me, I know that blues and greens are my most complementary colours.

The coat I’m wearing here is by Matthew Williamson, a British designer who offers high end and high street looks at varying price points.


What I love about this particular piece, in addition to a bold colour, is the subtle Victorian sillouette.

A slightly elevated puff sleeve, clever darting and an exaggerated collar make it memorable.

It feels more ‘dressed up’ than your typical Mac Coat, which is a term I had to Google, by the way. British fashion slang really differs from ours in the US! But what fun it is to learn your ways.

Given my past advice in this column and your own intrinsic personal style, I know whichever coat you decide to rock this season will reflect good taste. And don’t forget your brolly!

Follow Val on Twitter at @SoCalValerie, Instagram at OfficialSoCalVal or her personal fashion blog at

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