Reel Reviewer cinema column: A stylish Kingsman sequel

Celebrate:MK film critic Jason Day previews the new Kingsman movie and the remake of It in his round-up of September’s cinema releases.

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (out September 20) is the sequel to the hugely popular comedy-action spy film released in 2014.

In this second instalment, an unrefined street kid-turned-spy (Taron Egerton) has an almighty battle on his hands when the headquarters of his Kingsman organisation are destroyed and the world is held hostage.

Baddie Julianne Moore attempts to bring down the organisation for good, but Egerton and his debonair boss Colin Firth are out to thwart her.

Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry put in cameos in this gloriously over-stylised action thriller.

The Limehouse Golem (September 1):

Anything starring the always impeccably attired Bill Nighy is worth a look, including this Victorian thriller.

He plays a detective out to apprehend a vicious killer. Amongst the suspects are an actor (Douglas Booth) and a woman with troubles of her own (Olivia Cooke). It all adds up to a sedate and creepy thriller.

It (September 8):

Many of my friends, terrified by Tim Curry’s creepy performance of author Stephen King’s killer clown, are looking forward to this big screen remake.

From the trailer, it looks like they will be happy, as this is lavish with lots of shocks.

You’ll never look at clowns as figures of fun again.

American Assassin (September 14):

After being attacked by terrorists on a beach, Mitch (Dylan O’Brien) joins the CIA and becomes a Black Op.

He sets out to hunt a mysterious operative (Taylor Kitsch) but will his personal quest for vengeance be his undoing?

There are some ruthlessly efficient stunt scenes and brilliant effects in the trailer.

Victoria and Abdul (September 15):

Judi Dench returns as Queen Victoria following her Oscar nominated turn in Mrs Brown (1997).

Queen Vic’s controversial attachment to Muslim servant Abdul Karim is chronicled.

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