SoCal Fashion column: I’ve got the power colour

Former US wrestling diva SoCal Val stresses the importance of power colours and splurge pieces in this latest column from MK’s hottest import.

With summer in full swing I am doing my best to beat the heat… and my goodness has it been hot!

So I’ve decided to lift my mood by injecting fresh florals into my wardrobe.

This dress has me seeing Summer through ROSE tinted glasses (see what I did there) and it speaks to my ultra feminine side.

Come to think of it that may be my only side… but I digress!


What I love about this look is that I’ve chosen bright, punchy red as my ‘power colour’.

And yes, everyone has a power colour! Perhaps you haven’t discovered yours yet?

It’s the colour that you reach for in your closet knowing it will boost your confidence and convey strength with every stride.

What’s wonderful about knowing your personal power colour is it can act as a sartorial shield of armour.

You can tackle any obstacle when you are well dressed! When I wear red I almost always match my lipstick, too.

There is something very empowering about a slick of NARS ‘Cruella’ or Clinique ‘Deep Lacquer’ – two of my favourite go-to shades.

Other key items to note in my outfit are the retro style Mary Janes (Primark, yes seriously!) and adorable red handbag (Moschino) that I recently purchased in Milan.


The little linked hearts make me swoon! This is one swanky souvenir that will always conjure memories of a romantic trip with my fiancé.

I always stress the importance of buying a “splurge piece” while on holiday. Because wouldn’t you rather remember a trip with something you can wear?

A souvenir shop refrigerator magnet certainly can’t compare. Unless you feel like adorning a blazer with it.

If so, more power to you for creating a new trend!

Before you know it Summer will be over. Make sure you get as much mileage out of your standout pieces NOW while the sunshine is still making a cameo.

Up next will be Autumn fashion… my favourite of all! So stay tuned and prepare for an overdose of glamour!

Until next time, fashionistas!


Follow Val on Twitter at @SoCalValerie, Instagram at OfficialSoCalVal or her personal fashion blog at

This column was first published in the August issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine, which you can read below.

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