Oh I do like to be beside the seaside at Frosts

Alicia Approved column: Alicia Babaee and her hubby went to MK’s very own beach at Frosts in Woburn Sands with their three-year-old for some fun in the sun.

We’re always on the hunt for fun things to do in MK, and Frosts is often a good place to start.

We all know it does the best Father Christmas experience for miles around, after all. And, for the last few summers, it’s been home to a fabulous beach.

This year, there’s a Wild West theme, which is a lot of fun.


In our family’s usual style, we were 10 minutes late arriving to our two-hour session.

This meant that we had missed the singing and games that are offered to kiddies at the start.

Because this was a particularly young session, the little ones didn’t want to sing for long – they just wanted to get stuck in and eat the sand, so we had unfortunately missed it.


Henry didn’t care though – and quickly got involved in the sand play. There are plenty of buckets, spades, trucks and other toys dotted around the big sandpit, and the staff play happily with the kids.

At the side of the large sandpit, there’s a smaller one where the kiddies can pan for gold. If they can find 20 golden nuggets, they can exchange them for a chocolate coin.

There’s an arts and craft table where they can design postcards and a photo corner where they can pose with props such as photo frames, feather boas and cowboy hats.


There’s also a fairground-style tin can alley where they can throw beanbags and try to knock down the tins.

Most days, the organisers do a story session in the tent. However, as we happened to be there on one of the hottest days of the year to date, they had cancelled this as it gets so hot in the tent with lots of people in it.

Henry and I went in for our own little story, and it was even hot with just the two of us, so they’d made a sensible decision.


Luckily there’s a canopy above the sandpit and games, which keeps the whole area nice and shady and protects everyone from the sun. The children get drinks and fruit as part of the package, too.

My favourite thing about the session is that the adults can bring in anything they like from the restaurant – which basically means it’s coffee and cake time while you watch your littlies play.

There was even one family in there with a full meal and a bottle of prosecco; they definitely had the right idea. Dreamy!


Each session costs £6.99; there are three each day except on Sundays when there are just two.

I have heard people moaning in the past about having to pay at all. But I think it’s perfectly reasonable; you wouldn’t expect to go to soft play for two hours free of charge, so why would this be free?

It’s a great deal if you ask me, and I’m sure we will be back again before summer’s out.

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