Whitney Martins’ road from MK to Miss England final

Most of us in early life fail to consider anything beyond eating, sleeping and playing, writes Kathryn Townsend.

But unlike most children, Whitney Martins, one of the Miss England 2017 finalists knew exactly what she wanted to do from the very beginning.

Coming from a musical background where both her mother and auntie were (and still are) successful singers, Whitney caught the singing bug.

“Singing has always been in my family,” she recalls. “I grew up listening to my mum and aunt rehearse and knew that this was a path I wanted to follow.”

Whitney started singing and dancing at the age of two in South Africa, following this she watched her mother perform at the Miss World Pageant 1992 and has never looked back.

Once in secondary school Whitney’s training became more serious with dancing and singing taking place every day after school as well as most weekends.

During this time Whitney made the decision to train vocationally and live away from her family home for two years.

“Since completing this training, I have had the privilege of working all over the world, singing and dancing and I am currently working in London in an exciting new show called ‘London never dies’,” she says.


Having spent a large portion of her childhood growing up in Milton Keynes Whitney is complimentary of the city that gave her a start, attending a school that supported both her academic and none academic progression allowed her the freedom to branch out and develop her skills in the area she was and is most passionate about, leading to some amazing achievements.

She says, “St Paul’s School were really supportive of me, always showing an interest in my progression, even if it wasn’t academic so to speak.”

Having been fortunate enough to make the most of the performing arts scene in Milton Keynes Whitney already had an array of stage performances under her belt at Milton Keynes Theatre before venturing far and wide across the UK and beyond, including Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream-Coat and Think Floyd to name but a few.

This has no doubt helped create a solid foundation in Whitney’s career that is seeing her reach new heights frequently.

“I was lucky enough to be included in a variety of travelling productions at Milton Keynes Theatre, and this gave me a real taste of all that I wanted to achieve,” she says.

Whitney’s biggest achievements to date include reaching both the Miss London and Miss England Finals where she has placed in the top five and won the title of Miss England Talent.

Whitney says, “My connection to MK continues as all my family and friends live there and this is where I feel most at home, my go too place when I want to relax.

“The vibrancy of the city and the wealth of opportunities it gave me have certainly contributed to my development and I am very proud to tell people I am from MK.”

Whitney will compete at this year’s Miss England final that is to be held at the Resorts World, Birmingham between July the 12th and 14th.

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