Say farewell to the flab at The Scultura Clinic

Despite exercising on a fairly regular basis, many of us just can’t seem to shift that flab from around the stomach area.

This seems to be the case for many women who, despite eating a healthy diet and exercising, can’t tone and tighten their tummies – and it’s even harder for mummies.

We spend our lives trying to hide it, which can definitely affect our self-esteem.

Well, listen ladies… there is help and support out there. Say hello to Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency!

The Scultura Clinic in Milton Keynes offers body contouring, helping you to achieve a look for yourself you are happy with.

The clinic offers non-invasive, medically-proven Lipofirm Plus technology for men and women.

Lipofirm Plus treatments reshape your body, helping to firm, tone, tighten, sculpt and reduce those stubborn areas where exercise and dieting is not effective.

The treatment works by targeting and destroying fat cells without damaging any other tissues or organs. Fat cells take up to two years to regenerate, so the effect of the treatment is long term and can be maintained.

The procedure can benefit anyone who wants to treat their most troublesome areas.

You might be post pregnancy or menopausal, or you just want to look good in a bikini on your holiday.

The great news is that the treatment doesn’t involve any surgery and it works!

The Scultura Clinic is offering £30 off all packages until August 31, so give them a call on 01908 774160 or visit for more information.

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