House to Home column: Organising family life with a peg board

MK blogger Becky Pink is making a 1970s house into a home. In this month’s column – sponsored by The Door Studio – she explains how a new peg board from IKEA is helping her to organise the family.

Pegboard organisation station.JPG

Now that our kitchen is finished I am starting to personalise it with plants, wall art and accessories.

The most pressing thing was creating an ‘organisation station’ to try and keep our busy family life in order.

IKEA’s simple SKADIS peg board turned out to be perfect. It comes in several sizes and stacking two of the 56x56cm versions (just £9 each) is ideal for the wall in between the dining area and the kitchen.

There are all sorts of accessories to personalise your peg board, including containers and elastic cords to hold paper in place. I find the S-shaped hooks (five for £2) and the clips (two for £1.50) do a great job of holding my essentials, and some pretties.

I hung our Marks and Spencer family calendar and Sainsbury’s clipboard to do list with S hooks.

Next came some pink with the faux rose in a hanging Tiger pot, and the ‘NOTE TO SELF: RELAX’ print from Twin Pines.

I couldn’t resist the trio of cacti in blush pink pots from IKEA, which fit perfectly in the SKADIS shelf (£3).

We always have letters from school, party invites, and other scraps of important paper hanging about.

I folded them up neatly and put the Skandia postcard from Zeena Shah in front, to make it prettier.

I also clipped on the calligraphy ‘Tea is always a good idea’ card from Proper Post, as it pretty much sums up my life!

Finally, I added the kitchen roll holder (£1.50) as I have two children who always need wiping up at meal times.

It’s great to have it within easy reach when a drink gets spilled! Apart from the non-IKEA things I added, this combination cost £26.

I can rearrange it whenever I fancy: being a real faffer this will probably be a weekly occurrence!


Becky Pink is a freelance copywriter and journalist who blogs about her family, life and home at You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @pinkscharming

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